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Human factors and safety
Almost every accident can be traced back to human error. Why is this the case? People often have to interact with technology, procedures and other humans as part of a large, complex system. These systems are designed to provide a service or product and often lack robust security measures. If company goals require employees to violate safety rules, errors are provoked. Human Factors is the discipline concerned with understanding the interaction between humans and other elements of a system. This profession applies theory, principles, data and methods to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. This course teaches you the basic principles of Human Factors, so you will understand the human factor in a larger system and are able to identify situations that may lead to man-made errors. Aanmelden voor deze module kan tot twee weken voor de aangegeven startdatum. Daarna vervalt de aanmelddatum en kun je je inschrijven voor een volgend moment.
Duur 10  Weken
Sector Economie  
Studie Type Module  

  • You apply Human Factors methods to analyse human performance within a socio-technical system.
  • You describe human abilities and limitations and apply these in your analysis of an accident and/or unsafe situation.
  • You can explain the varying types of human errors and why these occur. You identify these errors in the analysis of an accident and/or unsafe situation.
  • You describe the principles of good design and recognise violations of these principles when analysing an accident and/or unsafe situation.

This module contents eight meetings. You prepare the assignments at home and study literature and videos. During the classes we discuss the assignments and treat practical examples. You can ask in-depth questions and get specific feedback from your fellow students and the teacher.

Verwante opleidingen
Integrale Veiligheidskunde

You complete the course by analysing the user-friendliness of a piece of technology, applying Human Factors theory and recommending design improvements.

Een relevante praktijkomgeving op hbo-niveau is essentieel voor het afronden van bovengenoemde beroepsproducten en opdrachten. Dat kan je eigen baan/werk zijn. Mocht je niet werkzaam zijn in een voor deze module relevante omgeving, dan moet je afspraken maken met een bedrijf of instelling voor een relevante praktijkomgeving.

startdatum November
EC 5
Vakgebied Veiligheid & Leefomgeving
Studievorm Module
Vakgebied Veiligheidskunde
Locaties Deventer