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IT and business continuity management
The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) domain addresses the preparation, processes and practices required to ensure the preservation of the organization in the face of major disruptions to normal organization operations. BCP and DRP involve the identification, selection, implementation, testing and updating of processes and specific prudent actions necessary to protect critical organization processes from the effects of major system and network disruptions, and to ensure the timely restoration of organization operations if significant disruptions occur. Upon completion of this course, you can function as the Business Continuity Planner of an organization, developing, managing, maintaining and properly embedding the business continuity plan and culture within the organization. Aanmelden voor deze module kan tot twee weken voor de aangegeven startdatum. Daarna vervalt de aanmelddatum en kun je je inschrijven voor een volgend moment.
Duur 10  Weken
Sector Economie  
Studie Type Module  

€ 575,00

• Foresee the requirements for developing a business continuity plan, and write an informed argumentation on the prescribed requirements, given a through Risk Analysis of the organization in question.

• Conduct Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and produce a detailed report on the findings thereof, regarding the specific organizational department under examination, so as to be able to prioritize business functions and system components that need to be recovered first.

• Develop a recovery strategy/plan, based on the maximum tolerable time of failure, per business component, and describe in written how this strategy is to be implemented, so as to be able to ensure continuity of all critical business components.

• Design, perform and evaluate a disaster recovery exercise, using real-life scenarios, and write a critical report on the aforementioned.

• Devise a plan on how to strategically embed the contingency planning in the organizational culture, and verbally argue on the added value of this plan, so as to be granted permission and budget for its implementation.

There are nine learning sessions, covering the areas of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery with a focus on the continuity of Information Systems and technology. You will be asked to prepare some sessions by studying videos and carrying out assignments. During the sessions the lecturer will provide additional information and answer questions. You prepare two presentations, for sessions 2 and 9. With the first presentation you aim to convince the senior management of your organization on the necessity of Business Continuity Planning. The presentations will be supervised and assessed by the lecturer. A game-based formative test, lectures, discussion sessions and supervised project works are also elements of this course.

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Security Management

You will complete this course with a Business Continuity Plan. Your final report should consist of:

a. A brief risk analysis of your organization;
b. The business continuity project scope, resource requirements and timeline;
c. A business impact analysis; 
d. The description, argumentation and cost/benefit analysis of three disaster recovery strategies; 
e. The business continuity plan documentation; 
f. The table top exercise documentation.

A relevant practice environment at HBO level is essential for the completion of the above expected deliverables and professional jobs. That can be your own job/work. If you do not work in an environment relevant for this course, you have to find a company or organization within a relevant practice environment.

One module costs 475 euro. This includes 2 tests and it excludes study material.

startdatum Februari
EC 5
Vakgebied Media
Management & Organisatie
Studievorm Module
Studiebelasting 7hours
Zelfstudie 5hours
Contacturen 2hours
Locaties Deventer