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International Trends and Threats in Safety and Security

To be able to effectively operate in the field of safety and security, you need to be on the watch for new trends, both national and international. This module focuses on international developments. You detect developing threats and assess their relevance to your own organisation or city. You make sure relevant threats are placed on your organisation’s agenda, even though they are not yet fully developed. You suggest how your organisation or city can deal with these future threats. In determining possible solutions you will look beyond your nation’s border. You will evaluate transnational ideas on their applicability to your organisation or city. Advice: You are advised to meet the requirements of the following modules before attending this module. Naar een wendbare organisatie, De juridische basis, Verbeter je professionele communicatie, English for professionals. Aanmelden voor deze module kan tot twee weken voor de aangegeven startdatum. Daarna vervalt de aanmelddatum en kun je je inschrijven voor een volgend moment.

Aanmelden voor deze module kan tot twee weken voor de aangegeven startdatum. Daarna vervalt de aanmelddatum en kun je je inschrijven voor een volgend moment.

Duur 10  Weken
Studie Type Module  


  • You detect and map out new international security or safety trends for your organisation or city through trend analysis. You evaluate their relevance by determining the estimated probability and impact of the trend on your organisation or city.
  • You collect possible solutions through desk research and through discussing the security or safety issue with two foreign partners who are active in your own field, and use this input to work out your solution.
  • You will anticipate a security or safety issue by choosing the most relevant and innovative solutions. The relevance is based on your reflection on the feasibility and applicability of international solutions, in relation to your own organisation or city. In your reflection you will show awareness of cultural, legal and organisational aspects.
  • You make sure your organisation or city recognises this security or safety issue as a relevant threat and that your recommended solution is accepted through a persuasive report and pitch.

 This module consists of nine meetings for which you prepare the assignments at home, study literature and clips and examine relevant trends and threats. During the kick-off we will have a look at the suggested security threats and trends you have chosen as possible subjects for your analysis. In the meetings we discuss the assignments and practical examples, do a creativity workshop, play a cultural diversity game, and have a peer review session. You can ask your lecturer in-depth questions and get specific feedback from your fellow students and the lecturer.

The course is completed and evaluated by an advisory report in English for your management, and a three minutes pitch in which you convince your management to address the identified trends and threats and to take your recommended measures.

startdatum November
Studievorm Module
Locaties Deventer